vireos sighting


I recently purchased a new [wild finch] feed mix and hung a new feeder
outside my window. Sightings usually consist of assorted house
finches, mourning doves, sparrows, and the occasional scrub jay. This
morning proved different. As I glanced outside the window I spotted a
small newcomer perched on the fire escape railing. A closer look
revealed another, just like it, at the feeder. I quickly grabbed my
camera and took a few pix, trying all the while to not frighten the
birds away. The pix can be seen at

Sorry the quality isn't very good... My windows are rain-streaked-
dirty! Anyway my Sibley confirmed this pair was definitely vireos (to
which I would also guess juveniles), but the question is: Which ones?
I am having trouble deciding... They don't look to me like the Bell's
Vireos reported a couple weeks ago... Any feedback would be very


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