Not a very serious bird post.

Alvaro Jaramillo


I warned you!

In any case, I was eating a sandwich and reading the "pink section" of the
SF Chronicle today, to see all the great movies, bands and theater I would
miss this week, and came across an article titled something like "The 10
things you should do if you see a UFO." The funny thing was that most of
these, 8 of 10 or so, could have been used word for word in an article
titled "10 things you should do if you see a rare bird." The one about
writing your notes immediately, before talking over the sighting with the
other witnesses you see over and over again in rare bird documentation
articles. One that you don't always see, but was #1 on this list was to keep
calm. Basically, you can't observe carefully if you are being hysterical. I
am pretty good at this, being calm and not getting hysterical, but recall a
couple of times where the adrenalin was pumping so hard, that I kept telling
myself...keep calm, keep calm, take notes, don't screw it up. It is great
advice if you suddenly find yourself face to face with a real rarity - keep
calm. Now the advice on what to do if the alien steps out of the UFO, well I
couldn't find a parallel in birding but most of the other ones were pretty
dead on. Moral of the story is that as birders we have all the tools and
skills to adequately document a UFO sighting!

We are lucky; most people that see a UFO have no idea what to do.



Alvaro Jaramillo
Half Moon Bay, CA

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