Peter Pyle


I'm unsure how interested SF birders are in Scaly-breasted Munias but by all accounts the ones that have been observed in SF over the past 2-3 years are part of a dispersing and potentially expanding population from southern California, the species now accepted by CBRC as an 'established non-native' in the state, thus countable depending on one's personal idiosyncrasies. In any case I just heard at least two flying over my yard in central Sunset, after having four at my feeders a few weeks ago and a couple last week flying over the Safeway at Noriega and 30th. In all three cases the birds flew off or were flying toward Sunset Reservoir and I've thought the grassy slopes across from Ortega and ~27th would be a good place to look, among Lesser Goldfinches and House Finches that often feed there, tho I have yet to see one there.

The birds around here seem to be truly nomadic, not staying in one place for any length of time, even if there is abundant food such as at my feeders. Their calls are sort of a pasty "eeah," unremarkable but never-the-less distinctive around here, so keep your ears out.

Enjoy the rain and good holiday birding,


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