Ovenbird at Salesforce Garden


Thanks, Judi, for the note about the tours. 

I BARTed in today from Walnut Creek and joined many others over a two-hour period from about 1 to 3 PM.  It was a pretty good show put on by this little bird.  Lots of conversation between birders about the drooping wing, the blunt, almost plover-like bill, wondering is a a male or female.

A number of non-birders stopped to ask what we were seeing.  Some were interested, so more ho-hum.  It was interesting to me because my marine engineers union hall was up Fremont Street until 2007 and for many years I took BART into the city to make my job call.

Thanks to all those who found and then reported this little bird.  Maybe Salesforce Park will be the new Ferry/Sue Bierman Park, who know?  And thanks, Pat, for twisting my arm into this one.  It doesn't hurt so bad now that we all saw the bird.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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