Tennessee @ McLaren Upper Pond

Daniel Scali

Hey all,

Like with the Brown Thrasher I had the TENNESSEE WARBLER just long enough to feel frustrated (I should celebrate a McLaren lifer!). It was in the biggest Willows at the east end of the upper pond (opposite end from the parking lot which is accessible by car again), near the dog fetching sticks in the pond station — there is a bench there just inside the fence. While I stood there staring at the Willows hoping the bird would return, a bunch of birds flew in over me (Western Tanager, juncos, warbling Vireo, yellow Warbler). It seems to be a good spot for a bath and a drink, worth checking for other vagrants in the coming month.

There is also a presumable California Quail at the place called Yosemite marsh. As I was heading to my car a guy pulled over and asked me if I knew the park well. He said he had a Quail that he needed to release. I didn't have time to deal with it but I suggested he call wild care. Since he also didn't have time he was going to release it at that marsh area. So if you see a California Quail at McLaren Park don't get too excited. Also are there any other suggestions for what to do in that situation besides calling wild care?

Good birding,
Dan Scali

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