Re: Mt. Davidson Question

Bob Hall

Good questions. As the eucalyptus plantation continues to age and die out the habitat will likely change. You can compare the eBird checklists from Mt. D’s sibling mountain, San Bruno Mountain. However, Mt. D. is a much smaller space due to development, so the lists would fall between the lists of San Bruno Mountain and the overly trounced Twin Peaks. Breeding birds and butterflies may fair better while migrants would lose out. So while birders would be ticked off about reduced checklist ticking, other species may benefit. San Bruno Mountain has rare and endangered flora and fauna, manzanitas and butterflies - lots of biodiversity - and Mt. D is always on the verge of becoming more and more homogenous with a handful of species dominating. Ground nesters would like the euke-less habitat in theory but we know people and their pets wouldn’t tolerate them. I guess that’s why migrants have an advantage of landing in the high treetops.

So as the eukes wane, should they be replaced with climate-adapted, climate storing, biodiversity powerhouses like oaks and grasslands? Or more exotics that might lure in a fleeting hungry nectar lover? We may be facing these decisions in our lifetime.

Bob Hall

Bob Hall
San Francisco, CA
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