Mt. Davidson Question

Jim Chiropolos

I birded Mt. D for the first time ever earlier this week and can see why it is one if the top SF birding locations. What an interesting micro-climate  - half temperate rainforest and half chapperal. The temperate rainforest area is introduced eucalyptus forest  with a dense understory of non native blackberry.  My question- what was the habitat previous to 1850? And would it be as good for passerine migrants?

This is a good fog year and it was quite moist on Mt. D. I think about the sky islands I bird in the east bay - Vollmer peak and Mt. Diablo which are seriously affected by the drought and are missing breeding bird species this year as a result. I would guess Mt. D has not been affected as much by the drought.

Good Birding 
Jim Chiropolos 
East Bay

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