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Peter Pyle

Yes, it's nearing completion of the second prebasic molt (p8 growing, p9-p10 juvenile) which puts it at 15-18 months of age. The bill color changes that Al mentions are good for telling these from other young boobies (when leg color not seen).

Thanks Mark for getting the word out.

Cheers, Peter

At 10:28 AM 8/12/2021, Alvaro Jaramillo wrote:

See below.

The photos show a young bird, already with the pink bill and dark tip. So not a real young juvenile. It is brown-bodied as is typical at this age. Just as a quick guide Red-footed Booby starts out with a blackish bill with blue-gray base as a juvenile. This shifts to a pinkish bill with dark tip in the "immature" stages, I assume at least a year if not more? Then the adults have a blue-gray bill, and pinkish at the bill base/facial skin.

I gather this bird flew off in SF waters. To be looked for on pelagics, or spots where cormorants/pelicans hang out.


Alvaro Jaramillo


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Subject: [northbaybirds] Second-hand Red-footed Booby report

Hello Birders,

Point Blue was contacted by someone interested in getting help identifying a bird from a photo. The photo was sent to me last night and it was a close-up shot of a Red-footed Booby sitting on the railing of a boat. The person gave the location as "The location is approximately 1 mile west of the main ship channel buoys 1 and 2. Lat: 37*46.0’N, Long: 122*39.4’W". They have been out on the boat for a couple days (not coming back into port) and have had the bird land on the boat a few times. They said it was hanging out with the gulls.

Not really chaseable, but I thought I'd pass along this cool sighting. Maybe someone could pass this along to the SF list serve since it's probably in SF waters.


Mark Dettling


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