White-breasted Nuthatch in GGP

Aaron Maizlish

SF birders,

I followed up on an eBird report from this morning of a white-breasted nuthatch on Strawberry Hill at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, complete with photos. After about 20 minutes of searching, was able to get fantastic Eye-level views of what appears to be a first year white-breasted nuthatch active in the dead pine snags on the north side of the hill, as described by Nancy Palmer in her eBird report. Viewed with Ken Moy and two birders from Santa Clara County. This is a surprisingly rare bird for San Francisco, and in the 12 years that I have been an active birder, its only the second sighting. No photos sorry - I tend not to carry my camera around in the park any more, unless I think a photo may be necessary for ID - but this one is a no-brainer. Also a few Hermit Warblers in with the PygNuts.

Aaron Maizlish
San Francisco

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