Re: Snowy Plovers and Red-Necked Phalarope on Ocean Beach

Dominik Mosur

Margaret, David et al.,

Snowy plovers can and will nest on beach dune habitat anywhere along the central California coast. The only reason they don’t attempt do so at certain beaches like ocean beach in San Francisco is because of the rate of disturbance events (human, or other predator esp. in our region Common Raven)
If an experiment was to be conducted with a certain area of Ocean Beach fenced  off and  people/Dogs kept out I predict  snowy plovers would attempt to nest there and we’d posting observations of eggs and young being eaten by ravens.


On Jul 24, 2021, at 14:29, Stan Zeavin <margstan@...> wrote:


Those dates are remarkable.  

We have always hesitated even to monitor at all during the summer since the city rents out Pacifica State beach to surfing camps during the week and surfing contests - including dog surfing which invites hundreds of dogs -  on the weekend. And now with COVID-19 the beach is always overrun with people who have discovered us all weekend. As reluctant as we are to visit the beach during the summer, it look like we need to start checking earlier at Linda Mar.

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On Friday, July 23, 2021, 08:25:27 PM PDT, David Assmann via <david_assmann@...> wrote:

There is one record from June 30th, and several from the first week of July.

On Friday, July 23, 2021, 8:14:22 PM PDT, Stan Zeavin <margstan@...> wrote:

Does anyone know what the previous earliest date for their return was?
In Pacifica we saw them one year toward the end of August, but there's no record of earlier.

Margaret Goodale

On Friday, July 23, 2021, 06:23:51 PM PDT, David Assmann via <david_assmann@...> wrote:

SNOWY PLOVERS are back on Ocean Beach - there were seven on the sand near Lawton this morning.  Lots of SANDERLINGS and WHIMBRELS. Also a RED-NECKED PHALAROPE in with the SANDERLINGS.

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