Re: WHITE WAGTAIL Crissy Field 5/15 fide Mozes Alvarez

C Lou

Wagtail refund at Marina Grren. Extreme west end before ending Presidio. With the question mark boardwalk.

 Marina and Baker st.

Calvin Lou

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From: Logan Kahle <logan@...>
Date: 5/15/21 11:29 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [SFBirds] WHITE WAGTAIL Crissy Field 5/15 fide Mozes Alvarez

Hi all,

Sorry for the late post (I posted to the yahoo groups...doh!) Mozes Alvarez found a (black-backed) White Wagtail yesterday morning at Crissy Field and posted it to iNaturalist today. Max Benningfield alerted a few of us to the post who went down and refound the bird briefly this morning. It flushed about 15 minutes ago but very well may return (or go elsewhere like the lagoon or yacht harbor). It was in the far east end at the Quart Master Reach Marsh new restoration site. This is a first for the city and third for sf county.

Go down mozes way down to crissy field!!


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