Around town this morning

David Armstrong

I took advantage of the great weather and hit a number of spots this morning. I first worked the early shift at Mt. Davidson which had a grand total of 3 migrants - 1 male Hermit Warbler, 1 Lazuli Bunting and 1 Western Tanager. From there I went across town to Portero Hill Rec Center where there were at least 4 flycatcher species including what would be a very early Willow (obvious empid, well seen from below and at close to eye level - overall brownish above, pale with some yellowish wash on the underparts, orange lower mandible, no eye ring, 2 brownish wingbars etc.). Also a late Pine Siskin calling and another Western Tanager.

The Lawrence's Goldfinches that I reported already were briefly seen together on the hillside above Folsom Street near its intersection with Bernal Heights Blvd. They perched up obligingly for a minute or so then flew off up the hill. The other interesting bird was a Western Kingbird seen on the south side of the hill opposite the top of the Prentiss stairs on Bernal Heights Blvd. I also heard Western Tanager while I was there.

Finally I walked Glen Canyon Park which has been quiet so far this spring but I did have 2 more Pine Siskins, a singing Purple Finch, 2 singing Black-headed Grosbeaks, another Western Tanager and a singing Warbling Vireo in the upper part of the canyon.


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