Re: Continuing: Sabine's Gull and Swamp Sparrow

Mila Zinkova <Milazinkova@...>

On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 12:36 PM Dominik Mosur <dominikmosur@...> wrote:
Anyone still seeking to observe this bird, it’s currently roosting with approximately 50 Mew gulls  et al, across from stairwell 12 just north of where Fulton ends at Ocean Beach.


On Apr 10, 2021, at 09:34, dominikmosur@... wrote:

With the light winds this morning maybe it took off , could have  been predated as well.

On Apr 10, 2021, at 08:55, Evleen <evleensf@...> wrote:

Sos anyone seen Sabine this miorning? Im getting so desperate and currently st OB. 
Huge thanks for any leads!


On Apr 9, 2021, at 18:25, Eddie Bartley <eddie@...> wrote:

Had a nice look of the Sabine's Gull out at OB this morning, just across from the Beach Chalet. Was preening around it's breast "wound" at points. After about 5 minutes of study a dog walker, either oblivious or purposely (or both) threw a ball into the resting flock, his two dogs thought it more fun to chase the birds. The Sabine's flew west not returning to that area for at least 15 minutes. Large numbers of Whimbrel (~50), lower numbers of Godwit (~10), several Caspian Tern flying north.

We looped North lake afterwards, more song than we've heard this year, especially warblers. At the north end of the lake a SWAMP SPARROW was skulking in the willow, eventually coming out for a quick grab of some seed people have left out.

Happy Trails!

Eddie Bartley
Noreen Weeden

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