Local Interest Fort Mason - Baltimore Oriole, Western Kingbird, Elegant Tern

David Assmann

Three Oriole species were visible at Fort Mason this morning, including the overwintering BALTIMORE ORIOLE, a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE and a HOODED ORIOLE.  There were six warbler species in the garden.  I missed the Black-Throated Gray Warbler seen by others, but I saw YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS (numbers of this species are going down), TOWNSEND'S WARBLER, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, WILSON'S WARBLER and NASHVILLE WARBLER. 2 PIGEON GUILLEMOTS floated offshore. 1 ELEGANT TERN and 2 CASPIAN TERNS flew over. Got good looks at 2 WESTERN KINGBIRDS, and a quick look at another flock of 8 that I believe were also WESTERN KINGBIRDS. A GREAT TAILED GRACKLE flew over. A quick visit to Crissy Lagoon yielded a WILSON'S SNIPE, a CLIFF SWALLOW, a WILLET turning into alternate plumage, and six LEAST SANDPIPERS almost entirely in alternate plumage.

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