6 active gbh nests at Stow Lake correction and heatwave migration

Josiah Clark

I was thankful to hear from Stow Lake rookery extraordinaire Nancy DeStefanis, who wanted to assure everyone there are in fact 6 active nests this year. Great news! Apparently they shuffled around after their nesting tree split in half. 
 On the subject of rocky shorebird declines, I will note the same pattern continues around the expansive rocky areas of lands end i access by kayak and others observers in Pacifica are confirming similar findings. 
   In arrival news I also heard about several more Wilson’s warblers and hooded orioles arriving in the city over the last couple of days. 
    Sounds like it will be a day of record-smashing heat and offshore flow today with temps 20 degrees above the seasonal average.  There will likely be some northbound hawk and songbird movement.
 Keep an eye to the sky especially around hilltops, but wear your sunglasses and sunscreen.  

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