Re: Field trip summary from Sunday and ecology report

Alan Hopkins


I don't think dogs have much to do with it. When I began birding here in the 70s mussel and barnacle covered rocks were exposed all the way down to the seawall at Ocean Beach at low tide. All the rocks along the shore are covered with sand now. I think that this is well worth remembering when people talk of sea level rise at the southern end of the beach. I don't doubt that sea level rise is happening but beaches are dynamic and sand moves over time. 

Alan S. Hopkins
San Francisco, CA

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 12:53:11 PM PDT, Joel Perlstein <joelperl@...> wrote:

I suspect that the lack of rocky shorebirds at the Cliff House area may have something to do with the widening beach there.  It seems like there is much more of the day when people and dogs can access the beach below the rocky cliffs.

Joel Perlstein
San Francisco

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