Rock Sandpiper, Gadwall etc.

Joe Morlan

Today the pair of Gadwall were still at "Lake Hanson" adjacent to Pier 94
and the Rock Sandpiper (Roxanne Piper) was still at the very tip of Heron's
Head. It is molting and is mostly in breeding plumage now. Photos and video
of the Rock Sandpiper...

Gadwall photos:

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Yesterday I led a biking and birding field trip through Golden gate Park to the Cliff House for the organization Shaping San Francisco.
Scheduled for the cusp of spring, this field trip now its 4th year focuses on diversity as we try to observe as many residents, wintering birds and spring migrants as possible.
The group observed 72 species during the trip. There did seem to be quite a few hawks and swallows moving over, though we didn’t find any unusual birds.
Here are a few bird highlights.
Wilson’s Warbler-singing at north lake.
Cinnamon Teal at Stow lake continuing
The N shovelers had moved to spreckles
The lone male lesser scaup had moved to N. lake
4 meadowlarks were at the bison paddock
We had a singing male Wilson's Warbler at North Lake on 26 March (Friday).
There were also two Lesser Scaup there on Friday. Photos of both:

Also a Sora was at the NE corner of North lake.

The heron rookery at Stow Lake appears down to just one active nest compared to 5 last year. The big dead pine that held the rookery broke in half. At least one or two nests fell with it.
There were seven active Great Blue Heron nests at Stow Lake when I visited
on 23 March (Tuesday). They moved to a large dead pine on the east side of
the island from the old broken pine near the boat house. Photo of one bird
standing on its nest:

Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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