Sequoia Audubon March 11 Monthly Meeting


Avian Wonders of Morocco
John Sterling will share highlights from his tours adventures in Morocco. With its high mountains, high desert, low Sahara desert, agricultural plains, coastal lagoons, cork oak woodland, and coniferous forest, Morocco has much to offer to birds and birders. Home to several endemic bird species as well as North Africa species not readily seen elsewhere, it is also along the major migratory pathway for European migrants including shorebirds, raptors, songbirds, and others. Join us for this virtual tour of the country's birds, landscapes and culture.

John Sterling has been a very active birder since 1971 and a professional wildlife biologist since 1981.  He has traveled extensively throughout California learning about local bird distribution and has traveled internationally as a guide and ornithologist for many institutions to 30 countries including projects as a Smithsonian ornithologist to Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Sumatra, the Philippines, Canada and Russia.  John currently has his own company specializing in tours,  birding classes, research and environmental consulting.


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