Bayside - 3/7/21

Joachim Gonzalez

This morning I checked a few spots on the Bayside. Starting from the south and working my way north, I first birded Yosemite Slough. 

It was a very low tide, and lots of mudflats were exposed and there were good numbers of shorebirds.
Highlights at Yosemite Slough were 4 silent Dowitchers in the Community Garden Pond (CGP) which likely are Long-billeds from the long staying flock in fall and winter of 2020, and a Palm Warbler in the Community Garden. The Palm was with a group of Yellow-rumps working the garden and the trees to the north of it around the blue dumpsters and broken down car.

At Heron's Head, there was a female Cinnamon Teal with a group of several Green-winged Teal about halfway to the point and a basic plumaged Pacific Loon off the point. There were also several hundred Western/Clark's type grebes off the point.

At Pier 94, the duck numbers were very low, maybe foraging elsewhere due to the low tide. Only birds of note were the continuing Gadwall pair in the Hason Aggregate Ponds and 2 male Red-winged Blackbirds that may be trying to recolonize the spot for breeding. 

Short stops along the way north at Agua Vista Park, Pier 50, and McCovey Cove produced little of note.

Good Birding,
Joachim Gonzalez

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