Re: How safe is it to visit Heron’s Head Park

Siobhan Ruck

And if you have a bird-friendly yard at your home, be sure to stop at Bay Natives (across the street) for a really great selection of native plants.  It’s not too late to get a few more natural hummingbird feeders in your yard this year!  

With all the concerns of sick siskins this year, remember that bird-friendly plantings are a good way to bring birds to your yard without clustering them in ways that can lead to disease outbreaks.

Siobhan Ruck

On Feb 23, 2021, at 1:14 AM, Aimee Goggins via <aimgoggins@...> wrote:

We go regularly at all times of day and there are always other people there—birdwatching, walking, biking, fishing. It feels safe and I frequently see others with binocs, cameras, and scopes. 

Practice usual urban awareness and caution, and enjoy!

On Feb 23, 2021, at 12:58 AM, Joel Perlstein <joelperl@...> wrote:

I am thinking of visiting Heron’s Head Park later this week, around 4 pm.  I will be driving to the parking lot and then traveling by foot. I will be by myself. I am a man in my early 70’s and will have an expensive binoculars and scope with me. Do you think that would be reasonably safe?

 Thanks for whatever insight you can provide. 
Joel Perlstein 
San Francisco

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