Re: January miscellanea 2021

David Armstrong

Hi Dom, SF Birders

Definitely great to see Western Bluebirds expand their range citywide. I remember how excited I was to get my city lifer during our 2005 Big Year, in the Presidio - and now they are all over the place. In fact I had my first ever in Glen Canyon Park this morning (2M, 2F on the ball field just adjacent to the trail at the top of the canyon).

Earlier this morning I stopped at the wooden bridge, N. Lake Merced, where I had great looks at a Sora, and calling Virginia Rail. The waterthrush was vocalizing at the fishing pier but didn't show itself.

I also briefly scoped the ocean from just south of the end of Sloat. There was a distant, odd-looking duck in the company of a raft of Black Scoters. It was overall blotchy brown with some white, riding lower in the water than the scoters, and slightly smaller in size with a more petite bill, and a short, pointed tail. First winter male Long-Tailed Duck? The face pattern wasn't really a match but I can't figure out what else it might have been. The light and the distance didn't allow a very clear look.


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