Fall Migration, late?

Daniel Scali

Hello hello,

Amazing! At 8am about 100 double crested Cormorants flew in a few formations SE bound over our house near 25th and Geary. I’ve never seen large flocks over land before. About 10 minutes later had a lifer yard bird, American Goldfinch (actually 2 landed in our bare tree). It was the bold contrasting wing bar pattern that caught my attention and flight calls that confirmed it. Those calls, by the way, came from the 2 birds communicating in unison with other AMGOs also heading SE. There were about 20 Spinus sp. in 2 flocks, maybe all Americans but I would guess others might have interloped.

So yeah, why are they all flying the wrong way??? Is winter finally here?

Kidding about fall migration but wondering if the behavior is linked to approaching storms and or the freezing temps.

Miss y’all,
Dan Scali, sf

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