Lake Merced loop: Tree Swallows, Bluebirds, probable LT weasel

Eddie Bartley

Jan. 14: Noreen and I met a non-birder friends at the Boathouse, for the 3 mile walk around the lakes, which is 5.48 miles per eBird if you use the concrete bridge cut-off.

Began by walking down the sloped drive to the north shore of the south lake, lot's of passerine activity. Right away Noreen saw what she is fairly sure was a Long-tailed Weasel run across the lane and into the marsh. Dang, I missed it. But a park staff dude saw it too, asked if anyone knew what that animal was and when Noreen suggested weasel he thought that seemed right. Anyone else see LT weasel here before?

Lot's of the usual critters (we were mostly socializing) but when we got to the wooden bridge just north of the Harding Golf course we tried to count Tree Swallows above the course, 8 to 12 best guess, also Western Bluebirds calling. 

Happy Trails!

Eddie Bartley

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