Re: Sparrow like bird at Heron's Head 1/3/21


Hi Birders,
    This appears to be a Savannah Sparrow, likely P. s. sandwichensis, apparently an uncommon to rare wintering bird in SF along the bay. Thanks to Peter Pyle for recently reviewing my photos of a similar bird from a small flock, at Pier 94 from 4-5 years ago and suggesting this ID, after having been a mystery to me for years! Good find for anyone interested.
Russ Bright

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I think this is some sort of sparrow, but can't figure out which one. It was foraging around the ground in the low lying vegetation at Heron's Head on Sunday 1/3/21, by itself as far as I could see. It seemed a bit bigger in size than the white-crowned or golden-crowned sparrows. I also saw groups of yellow meadowlarks and groups of other types of sparrows, including golden-crowned there. There was a beautiful red-tailed hawk around 1pm or so on the fence near the lagoon where you enter the park. It posed for photos for quite awhile, flew off, and apparently returned about 2 hours later. A real treat.
Thanks for the ID help!
Sally Whitehead 

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