SFCBC, Area 9, SOMA.


Hi Birders,
      SOMA, as an understated and minimally descriptive CBC area title, roughly stretches diagonally from Duboce Park to Pier 94 from one corner and from South Beach Marina to Upper Noe Valley on the slope of Diamond Heights on the other. Within this rough, jagged square is the Inner Mission, Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill.
    Superb birders counted birds over assigned parks and neighborhoods, so thanks to Erica Harris, Scott Bowers, Tod Plummer, Jim Weigand and Bob Gunderson with each contributing unique birds to the overall total.
     We found 90 species of birds with huge numbers of Zonotrichia sparrows seemingly thriving wherever sufficient habitat allowed. From Pier 94 we conservatively estimated a thick, mile-long skein of cormorants at 5000 Double-crested and 300 Pelagic (from photographic samples). This afternoon north-bound flight-stream lasted for over 10 minutes. We also counted large numbers of crows and pigeons.
Other highlights:
Eurasion Wigeon photographed by Bob at Pier 94.
Light-phase Ferruginous Hawk soaring above Alemany Farm: thanks to Todd for his excellent description with the midday sun preventing a photo.
Barn Owl at Dolores Park found by Erica.
Pacific Loon photographed by Scott Bowers at Tire Beach, now Warm Water Cove.
American Pipits at Mission Bay found by Jim.
Red Crossbills and a Varied Thrush at Haas Playground as seen near dawn from Billy Goat Hill in Noe Valley by myself.
Thanks all.

Russ Bright



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