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Smokey Bear

I revised the Hooded Orioles to two immature male Bullock’s Orioles (and sent the rare bird documentation to my area leader this morning).

On Dec 30, 2020, at 09:48, Siobhan Ruck <> wrote:

Thanks to all who participated in our independently organized Christmas Bird Count yesterday. This has been a challenging year to say the least, and the new round of shutdowns in early December added complications to what was already a tricky count to organize. So let’s have a collective cheer for everyone who made it possible!

We are still awaiting some lists, but based on results reported at last night’s Zoom countdown, we had 180 species overall - a little down from previous highs, but pretty great under the circumstances. Many said that overall numbers seemed a little low. One exception was Pine Siskins - several areas reported high numbers, and a few areas said this was their first time in memory getting them.

There were also some misses, though these may turn up in the reports that are still to come. If you see/have seen any of these during count week (12/26 - 1/1) please let us know.

Wood Duck
Cinnamon Teal
White-winged Scoter
Ring-necked Pheasant
Green Heron
Ridgeway’s (Clapper) Rail
Wandering Tattler
Ruddy Turnstone
Red Knot
Cassin’s Auklet
Burrowing Owl
White-throated Swift
Horned Lark
Hermit Warbler

There were potentially three new additions to the count list this year: Least Flycatcher (continuing bird in the Presidio, a likely Black Storm-Petrel off Crissy Field, and a likely Common Tern in the Southern Waterfront area. Other good birds include a Northern Waterthrush at Lake Merced (wooden bridge) and a Swamp Sparrow at Vista Grande Canal - just now reported as been re-spotted today Rachel Lawrence. Most of the birds on the list of continuing rarities were seen yesterday, but there are a few that didn’t show. (Harlequin Duck just added by Brian Fitch - yay!)

Common Merganser
Laughing Gull
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher (pending documentation)
Summer Tanager
Hooded Oriole (pending documentation)
Tennessee Warbler

Thanks again for everyone’s efforts. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you all in person next year!

Siobhan Ruck, David Assmann and Alan Hopkins - SF

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