Buena Vista Park, Dec. 21

Adam Winer

Birded Buena Vista Park this morning for the formally-informal SF CBC.  Highlights included:

- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: continuing in its usual spot, almost the first bird of the morning for me.  (Relatedly, I'm puzzled why people keep describing this as a clear "adult" or "after hatch-year" bird - the crown and breast are clearly not those of an adult, and this bird reaches adult plumage - maybe with a few retained secondaries and primary coverts - by October of its second year.  I can't see how it's anything other than a hatch-year male.)

- White-throated Sparrow: two different tan-striped individuals, one near the playground, another above the tennis courts.

- Golden-crowned Kinglet: two together. confidingly in pines downslope from the summit

Adam Winer

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