Re: Blue-winged Teal continues @ Mountain Lake

Joe Morlan


Are there any photos of the Blue-winged Teal available? The photos posted
on eBird all look like female Cinnamon Teal to me. Face looks blended and
rather dark, belly is also dark and heavily patterned and bill looks
relatively large.


On Fri, 13 Nov 2020 09:21:14 -0800, "Ken Moy" <> wrote:

Good morning all,

Female blue-winged teal seen from the 'beach' by the playground @ 8:30 -
8:50am on Friday the 13th perched in the reeds at the waterline on the west
shore just 10-20 feet north of 2 grayish white logs in the reeds. I was
able to see the eye crescent, and light patch at the base of a large dark
bill through a scope @ 45X when the bird occasionally moved its head. With
bins, I was able to make out streaky light colored breast, dark head and
yellowish legs. The bird did not emerge during the time I was there.

Also of note, 2 eared grebes near the beach.

Good birding to all,


Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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