Empid at Glen Canyon

Andrew Rush <and_rush@...>

This morning about 11:00, I saw a probable Hammond's Flycatcher at Glen Canyon, across the creek form the daycare center. Along the right side of the right fork of the path (if you are walking across the footbridge away from the daycare center)there is a patch of willows that kind of extends up the open hill. The flycatcher was hanging around in that patch, right next to the path. It didn't call, but it was small, relatively big-headed, with a whitish gray throat, grayish underparts, and a slight gray vest. The head was gray. The bill was narrow with a yellow lower mandible that was dark at the outer 1/3 or so. It had a long primary projection. The eyering was more prominent behind the eye, but it wasn't really a teardrop. The bill was small.
Otherwise, there weren't alot of birds in the area. There were a few Lazuli Buntings, Yellow Warbler, Warbling Vireos and Black-headed Grosbeaks.
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