Fort Mason Local Interest

David Assmann

A lot of activity at Fort Mason on the weekend, with 60 species seen each day (birded each day with John and Erica).  On Saturday the day started with a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW foraging with other sparrows on the west side of the garden. Later a TROPICAL KINGBIRD spent time on the west edge of the garden. Altogether nine species of sparrow, including my FOS WHITE-THROATED SPARROW (also CHIPPING SPARROW and SAVANNAH SPARROW). Counted at least 14 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS. 2 WESTERN TANAGERS and 2 YELLOW WARBLERS were in the Battery. A MERLIN sat on the top of a Cypress south of the Battery (and showed up in the same spot on Sunday). Sunday a female BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was in the garden (likely the same one seen by Eddie and Noreen on Saturday), a NASHVILLE WARBLER was in the Battery, and there were at least two LINCOLN'S SPARROWS (one in the garden and one in the Battery). A late HOODED ORIOLE was calling in the garden. A WARBLING VIREO was in front of the General's House, close to two RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS that were vocalizing loudly and chasing each other. Saturday checklist, and Sunday

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