Lake Merced 10/10

Max Benningfield

Hi All, 

This morning I saw a report on I-Naturalist of a cormorant that to me looks like  Neotropic. So I decided to head down, I got there at about 9:30 and saw about 20 cormorants roosting but there were all Dccos. I then went to the south end of Lake Merced and the first thing I got eyes on was a Tropical Kingbird that was found by another border. After about 15-20 minutes of searching I got eyes on the Philadelphia Vireo! After that it started to mist so I started to walk up Vista Grade hoping for one of the many vagrants that have been in the area for the past week but unfortunately I could find any of them. I saw quite a few migrants but nothing to special. Then I decided to check the cormorant rockery one more time. When I got there was only about 8 cormorants out in the open so I walked down to the edge of the lake to see if I could see any more, I couldn’t but I did flush up the highlight of the day, a Least bittern. It was smaller then a Green Heron and bright orange. It flew from below the cormorant rockery to a patch of reeds in Harding park. Sadly I could not gets photos because I didn’t have my camera on me. The bittern had yellow legs and a yellow bill, it had an orange head with a dark cap and orange upper coverts and dark primaries. It had a light orange breast and had white under tail coverts. 

Best birding,


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