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Richard Bradus

A few details:

After spending an hour and a half looping the Log Cabin Trail area with Nico Stuurman, seeing some nice birds but nothing rare, I decided to stick around and encountered Frank Merino while toiling away trying to get photos of an elusive gray-headed Orange-crowned Warbler. Like the rest of us, he had no luck with the Magnolia Warbler, but he had encountered a Chestnut-sided and managed to get some decent photos. So I made my way slowly back east along the trail, eventually re-encountering Cliff Yap (who had been there longer than me!) and he also had seen the Chestnut-sided, but indicated that it had flown north, perhaps toward the trees extending off JFK Drive.

It took more than another half-hour of craning my neck peering into this row of trees, but eventually a vocal gang of three Yellow Warblers appeared and - ta-da! - high in the canopy another, light bottomed bird, our suspect. Really difficult to see well as it stayed very high in the trees, gleaning almost non-stop and stubbornly most of the time in dense foliage, but I managed to see all the important details. It is a drab HY bird, showing just a bit of light green on the top of the (otherwise grayish) head and the back, a definite white eye ring and two very nice bright tan-yellow wing bars. It did not vocalize as far as I could tell (probably unwilling to compete with the louder Yellows!).

And - talk about good timing! - Joachim showed up just as I was sending out the initial email, so he got some decent looks as well. Also in the area were some more typical warblers (Townsend's mostly but also Wilson's and Orange-crowned and Yellow-rumps) plus a surprise Common Yellowthroat, Ruby-crowned Kinglets (FOF for me), many of the other regulars plus a Red-breasted Sapsucker.

So, some rather hard-earned rewards on what turned out to be an uncomfortably hot (and smokey) day.

Good luck! 
Be safe and mind the air quality.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

On Friday, October 2, 2020, 1:51:54 PM PDT, Richard Bradus via <grizzledjay@...> wrote:

No Magnolia but a Chestnut-sided trees off JFK Drive


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