Re: Pulse of migrants today?

Bob Hall

After seeing black-throated grey, Nashville w.and yellow warbler at home, I skipped some chores on the hunch that a pulse of migrants was flowing through. I did a bike loop that included GGP Oak woodlands, Strawberry Hill, Mountain Lake, Crissy Lagoon and El Polin Spring. There were lots of warning vireos, fox sparrows, hermit thrushes and crowned sparrows around.

The GGP Park Log cabin trail had a lot of action:
WW Pewee
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-rumped w
Orange-crowned w
Wilson’s w
Townsend w
Lincoln’s sparrow
Highlight for me was the MacGillvray’s warbler

On the way to Strawberry Hill, Nancy Palmer and Ken Loy pointed out the hermit warbler to me in a cypress across from Stow Lake.

Not much action in the Presidio.

Bob Hall

Bob Hall
San Francisco, CA
"There is no better high than discovery." - E.O. Wilson

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