SFBBO Bird Photo Big Day Fall Challenge this Saturday 9/26

William Pelletier

SF Birders,

Kitty & I are hosting our second Bird Photo Big Day this Saturday in support of SFBBO ... but this one has a twist. Capture the behavior of a bird. It's not just the quality of the photo that will be judged, but more the content and interesting poses that we are looking for.

For the San
Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
  Fall Challenge we are looking for the best photos that depict bird behavior and activity; all species are in the game. Eating, flycatching, preening, bathing, vocalizing, flying, soaring, and hunting. Even the bird's attitude. What behaviors can you capture?

Can you capture a Skimmer skimming? Or a Dipper dipping? Maybe a Rail skulking?

All photos must be taken between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm on Saturday 9/26/2020 and submitted by noon on Sunday 9/27/2020. Each participant can submit a total of 10 photographs for consideration in the "Strike a Pose" contest. All submissions are to be posted on the Facebook group or emailed to Barbara Coll (barbaracoll@...) who will post them on the Facebook Group with credit to the photographer. A $25 donation to SFBBO is requested to participate. 

Head over to the Facebook group to get involved: Nhóm Facebook 

Throughout the day we will be updating on our species total (only photographed species count) with a goal to get 150 species on the day.

Bill P

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