Battery Godfrey

Brian Fitch

A number of birders came out for the first decent day of hawkwatching after fog, smoke, and their admixture have blocked our sky views for some time.  Rachel, Jennifer, and Cindy were out for the rather quiet morning watch, Rachel and Cindy for the peak period between 11 and 12:30, and David Armstrong, Eddie, Aaron, Max and Herb for the later afternoon.

Individual numbers were low, but raptor variety was very good, with the highlights being a White-tailed Kite spotted by Rachel, a Ferruginous Hawk, and an intermediate Swainson's Hawk, all three were juveniles, and all were southbound.  Turkey Vulture, Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, Cooper's, and Sharp-shinned Hawks were seen, along with Peregrine, Merlin and Kestrel, and 2 Ospreys.  Four Parasitic Jaegers flew east over the GG Bridge, and the few duck flocks consisted of scoters and scaup.

Everyone was hoping that we can keep our clear skies as the winds turn east this weekend.
Brian Fitch

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