Re: Clay-colored Sparrow at Elk Glen continues - and Rhododendron Dell

Richard Bradus

And the sparrow-palooza continued late this morning at the Rhododendron Dell, though very frustrating as there were numerous walkers, dogs and kids and the gardeners were working and checking the sprinklers intermittently, causing the birds to flush constantly. I got only a brief look at the Lark Sparrow but there were continuing Clay-colored (at least one) and multiple Chipping Sparrows (one with a rufous crown) as well as the usual Song and White-crowned. Also a drab bird with a buffy breast that had me stumped for some time but I think is a juvenile Lazuli Bunting.

A quick walk through the AIDS Memorial Grove around noon was good for squirrels but not birds - just a couple of song sparrows, though there was a nice flyover by a migrating Sharp-shinned.

Late this afternoon may be rewarding for those who have not yet enjoyed the sparrow fest, after the crowds and gardeners are gone.

Great day to be outdoors!
Richard Bradus
San Francisco

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 9:29:27 AM PDT, Nancy Palmer <nancy_palmer@...> wrote:

South of the maintenance yard. South west side of elk glen lake. :)

Nancy Palmer

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