Re: GGP Rhododendron Dell Sparrows

Dario Taraborelli

The mixed flock of sparrows continues at the same location (37.7718710, -122.4650710). What a show. 

On Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 2:07 PM Brian Fitch <fogeggs@...> wrote:
If you haven't had your fill of sparrows yet, most of the flock found last night by Hugh was still present an hour ago (1 PM).  Three Chippings and one Lark Sparrow along with the bunting were a short walk into the JFK entrance of the Rhododendron Dell, up the left hand winding path, by the metasequoias when Ken and I saw them.  Thanks to Lee for getting the word to us.  The Clay-colored Sparrow found some days ago by Erica was also still present on the south side of the Elk Glen Lake maintenance yard.  I didn't cross paths with the other recently reported rarities.

An early seawatch found nothing unusual, but Parasitic Jaegers were out in force, mostly adults with two young birds.  A smattering of western migrants were around Sutro Heights and the GG park soccer fields.

Brian Fitch

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 7:59 PM H Cotter <chatwren@...> wrote:
Walking the dog in GGP this evening - approx. 50 yards into the rhododendron dell approx there was a small grouping of birds with the following:
1 Lark Sparrow
4 Chipping Sparrow 
1 Clay colored Sparrow
1 Lazuli Bunting 

This was all at approx. 6.45 PM



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