2020 "Pandemic Version" San Francisco Rare Bird Round Up - Sept 26 2020

H Cotter

Normally at this time of the year many of the San Francisco birding community would be planning the annual San Francisco Rare bird Round Up.

Due to the ongoing covid circumstances, Alan and I did not feel it appropriate to organize a formal round up this year.

We are however designating September 26th as the SF Rare bird round up day and encouraging people to bird the City that day as they wish to do so.

We are hoping that people will spread out over the City and bird and cover as many areas as we might do on a Round-Up day.

We are asking that any good birds be reported to SFbirds and Ebird throughout the day and especially to sfbirds as a number of people do not get the hourly ebird reports and sfbirds would make more sense to get the information out quickly and allow people to chase any rarities if they wish to do so.

The species list generated on that day will be used for the countdown checklist for 2020.

We hope you have a good fall birding season and hope that you get to go out and bird on Sept. 26,

Hugh and Alan.

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