Pier 94 and crows.


Hi Birders,
    Often sleepy, smelly and dusty by summer’s end, Pier 94 has had a remarkable late summer adding an amazing 6 or 7 new bird species to it’s eBird hotspot total! It also has provided a new dragonfly to SF’s iNaturalist list: a Red Saddlebags. Scores of (migrating?) diverse dragonflies have been swarming at brushy or green bayside “islands” recently. On the negative, an occasional greased gull can still be found here.

    This morning a stream (a culture?) of dozens of crows, are gathering after their nesting dispersal, were once again flying towards the SW from the direction of presumed roosts downtown (as seen from Castro/23) in a parade carried over from past years. 
Russ Bright


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