Farallon Island report & spots just opened (Tues Aug 11)

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,

   We had a great trip to the Farallon Islands today in good weather, lots of Tufted Puffins! Black and Ashy storm petrels, tens of thousands of Sooty Shearwaters and lots of Pink-footed, Buller’s Shearwaters and many Black-footed Albatross, Northern Fulmar etc. A great trip out. We are going out tomorrow again, and I will write a more detailed summary after the second trip.

   BUT, we suddenly have some open spots. The last spots for the Farallon Islands this season on Tuesday Aug 11. The weather forecast is good, with low wind forecast on that day. We are excited about the trip, and this will be our final venture out to SE Farallon. If you are interested, you can book here:



Good birding!



Alvaro Jaramillo




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