Re: [EBB-Sightings] Nazca/Masked type Booby in SF Bay now

Peter Pyle

I agree this looks better for Nazca, especially with the added verbal description of bill color. The amount of white on in the central rectrices (for definitive basic feathers) appears substantial and essentially eliminates Masked Booby. I recently wrote on identifying these in California:

for those who may want to dig deeper into it.

Good luck to those out there looking!


At 02:35 PM 7/21/2020, Derek Lecy via wrote:
Hi All,

Here is the eBird checklist with four distant photos. What I can say is that in the field the bill seemed much more orangish than yellow. The photos don't help much as you 'll have to zoom in, and I understand this bird may have to remain Masked/Nazca, but here they are regardless. I will update comments as well. Crossing my fingers the bird is still in the bay somewhere out there and can be found.


Derek Lecy
San Rafal, CA

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