Re: Odd bird in lobby of building

Brandy Deminna Ford


Thank you so much. I spoke to animal control and they let me know that the fledging appears to have left the nest naturally and accidentally wandered into the lobby. My friend went back to check on the bird and another person at the building said it left the lobby and hopped into a planter. She didn’t see it in the planter, but we do know it’s outside and not injured.

Thanks so much for your help and your quick response!



On Jul 11, 2020, at 3:23 PM, kim forwood <> wrote:

It looks like a Black Phoebe Fledgling. Fledglings usually have Parents near by who are out getting food and will return to feed it. Since its inside I would have your friend check out side the entrance and see of she sees or hear activity in any near by trees. But I would definitely call a rescue for advice and assistance. In SF start with Animal Care and Control as they have the appropriate contacts for all species of Wildlife in need.
Phone ... 415 554 9400
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Please post an update

On July 11, 2020, at 3:13 PM, Brandy Deminna Ford <> wrote:

Hi All,

A friend of mine sent me the attached two pictures of a bird she saw in the lobby of her building. I have no idea what it is and why it is in the lobby. Can anyone tell what this bird might be? Should I call the international bird rescue number?



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