Re: American Redstart - Mtn Lake

David Webster

Continuing Redstart in the same spot that Daniel Scali first reported.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 4:44 PM Daniel Scali <daniel.s.scali@...> wrote:

SY male (unless females sing?) working the riparian 100-200 yds south of the restored meadow north of the lake. This is also along the path heading east and then south from the freeway underpass. GPS in ebird. The bird disappeared on me for about 20 min and then I heard it (and saw it) again. Currently still here 1 hour from when it first announced itself behind my head. Based on the speed and evenness of the series, I actually thought I was going to turn around to a Junco. What LUCK!

Happy Summer,
Dan Scali

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