N. Parula continues Fuchsia Dell

Richard Bradus

Hi all

The Northern Parula was singing away in the Fuchsia Dell late this morning, continuing past noon. Hard to see as it mostly stayed high in the oaks and ?pittosporum but occasionally foraged in the open enough to see its characteristic plumage as it foraged very actively, mostly in trees near the central clearing (just northeast of the maintenance bldg.) but also briefly headed north to the oak woodlands area - so I'm not sure that there are two or just one that is wide-ranging. Maybe the same one seen in May at the Lily Pond??

Also I got tantalizing glimpses of a bright vireo with spectacles that I'm pretty sure was a Cassin's, though I was confused by what seemed like a lighter than expected bill (a pale-ish color), though that may have just been backlighting by the sun. And there are baby birds about (Juncos and Chickadees) plus a singing CA Towhee and others.

If only the wind had not been near gale force ...

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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