Re: Parakeet Auklet June 4

Gerry McChesney

I can't speak exactly for Parakeet Auklets, but if their colony attendance is similar to the Pigeon Guillemots that it's semi-hanging out with, then early morning and maybe late evening might be best.  Guillemots have peak colony attendance in the first few hours after dawn, rafting on the water just off the colony and perching on the rocks around the nesting area. Then they mostly disperse to foraging areas, coming and going through the day.  There is another lesser attendance peak in the evening. 

Given that Parakeet Auklets are not very gregarious, their attendance patterns could be different, but following this might be worth a try. 

Gerry McChesney

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 9:14 PM Brian Fitch <fogeggs@...> wrote:
The bird has been rather unpredictable, but I've had better results finding it when the tide is lower.  I've seen it spend time on multiple occasions diving into the shallow surf below the viewpoint, and it's only shallow when the tide is mean or low.  When you try to find it, make sure you check the white froth for it's tiny black shape, not only out in the blue water by the offshore rocks.  This morning I found it perched on a small rock right by the beach, and then watched it get washed off by a high breaker.  It's a tough little bird.

Brian Fitch

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 9:01 PM Joel Perlstein <joelperl@...> wrote:
Is there any particular time of day or level of tide when one is more likely to see the Auklet ?

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