Summer Tanager @ Ft. Scott, 5/30/20

Paul Saraceni

A 1st-spring male SUMMER TANAGER was observed today @ the north end of Ft. Scott in the Presidio, at least thru 1:00 PM.  

The tanager was making a circuit among the cypress trees including those just north of the baseball field to those across the parking lot and on the other side of the plastic-covered dirt pile, ranging east into the trees near the Presidio Log Cabin.

Hugh Cotter heard a few call notes this morning from near Battery Godfrey and suspected this species, but did not see or further hear the bird then. I headed over later and as soon as I stepped out of my car near the baseball field @ 11:30 AM I heard the burry song that sounded like this species. The bird continued to move from tree to tree, singing, but hidden.  Eventually I was able to get a visual to confirm the ID, and when Hugh returned we were both able to get documenting photos. It's a splotchy young male showing reddish-orange head, throat, and undertail coverts, mustard-yellow belly, and greenish on the back. Aspects of its song are robin-like or grosbeak-like.  It only gave a pit-tuk call a few times during the observation period. It was still singing when we departed around 1:00.

Also in the area were 1 White-throated Swift, 5 W. Bluebirds, and 3 Hooded Orioles.

Earlier this morning I birded the northern portion of Ft. Funston for a couple of hours but could only find a single migrant there -- a calling Pac.-slope Flycatcher.  There is a nice population of Bewick's Wrens there, with at least 5 or 6 singing birds present.  During a brief seawatch from the bluff I observed 1 RHINOCEROS AUKLET flying N.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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