4 Ospreys at Hillpoint Park.


Hi Birders,
      This spring I’ve been distantly following the life and adventures of an Osprey pair at Hunter’s Point with weekly visits to Hillpoint Park. Today, for the first time, I noted 2 nestlings as an adult was apparently feeding one or both of them. The adventure came early when the Ospreys had to ward off persistent mass Raven harassment for at least a week. I have no idea how they succeeded, as they are camped in one of city’s main Raven havens. The often swarming ravens seem to be leaving the Ospreys alone for now. Also visible from Hillpoint, with strong optics, is the likely abandoned Osprey nest near Pier 94, the “pile of sticks” (as an SF port barker unforgettably called it in a tv news interview) that SF purposely destroyed several years ago, whenever the America’s Cup took place. Nest destruction may no longer be an enforceable federal crime if it is incidental to business or whatever other activity that the federal government randomly decides is OK. Just birds...forget and quit moaning.
    I was attending SFSU in the early 1980’s when there was a well-established Cliff Swallow colony that nested on the library, which itself has a lot of windows. The librarians hated seeing the huge ongoing mess, and somehow the university was eventually able to eventually “discourage” the swallows and help transition them into a rare breeding species in SF. This, despite a well-publicized student protest in favor of the swallows, however the swallows had seemingly turned the librarians into maddened vipers.
    It seems the Botanical Garden in GGP may be reopening on Monday. It’s been missed!

Russ Bright


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