Re: Parakeet Auklet @ Mile Rock, SF, 5/24

Paul Saraceni

(Bad cell service at the location so apologies if multiple or broken msgs come through)

To clarify location, the Parakeet Auklet was best viewed about 25 meters to the right of the viewing area below the wooden stairs that lead down from the now-closed big parking lot with the naval memorial.

The rock (old shipwreck?) is west of the favored Hermit Rock location of past years.

Rudy W. reminded me that this likely/returned individual was first observed in July 2016, and then each July (late June last year) since then.

There was also a 2d-cycle Heerman’s Gull and 1st-cycle Glaucous-winged Gull flying in the area.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

On May 24, 2020, at 10:10 AM, Paul Saraceni <paulsaraceni@...> wrote:

The PARAKEET AUKLET is back this morning at the Mile Rock overlook.

First observed it flying around 9:30. Hugh Cotter and I then observed it on or near a flat rectangular rock nearshore in line with Mile Rock. At 10:07 it flew west into the channel and out of view.

This is year 4? of this returning individual in SF.

Note that the parking lot is closed so you need to walk in from Ft Miley or Lands End or wherever you can find street parking.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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