Check the beaches Sunday and Monday

David Assmann

From Birdcast:

17-19 May 2020 may provide opportunities to experience an interesting, and rare, shorebird event to the Pacific Coast of North America. An approaching strong storm system well timed to coincide with movements of oceanic spring shorebird migrants in the eastern Pacific could entrain and displace an array of unusual (i.e. Asian and Alaskan) shorebirds to unintended stopover locations. Although the predicted condition is perhaps not the epic and anomalous scenario of 1998 (see Mlodinow et al. 1999), in which the Southern Oscillation Index and the Western Pacific Oscillation Index were in anomalously high positions and spawned arrivals of some rare vagrant species, Team BirdCast wants to highlight the possibility for those that can observe shorebirds and their habitats safely in the coming days. Entrained and displaced birds may begin to appear in appropriate habitat, especially along immediate coast on beaches, on Sunday and Monday, 17-18 May 2020.

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