SF’s only Cliff swallow nest and migrants Presidio today

Josiah Clark

Not sure about anyone else but I’ve been quite disoriented by the weather recently. Maybe the birds have too, certainly it’s the most spring vagrants SF has seen in a decade or more.
   I was very surprised to see a lone Cliff Swallow enter a nest under the eaves along the buildings on the west side of Ft Scott. This is what Aaron Maizlish suspected a month ago. I have visited this spot several times since then and not seen a single cliff swallow there or anywhere in sf since then. As far as we know this is the only breeding Cliff swallow in all of San Francisco, after the lake Merced colony failed to return. Also a Pacific-slope flycatcher remains on territory nearby. 
    Elsewhere in the presidio while “trolling the dawn” by bicycle there was a a smattering of migrants about. 
Several singing Western Tanagers, warbling vireos, swainsons thrush and at least 5 Yellow warblers including one in street trees on lake st. 
   Just hours after my last post last week, I had my first ever Bonaparte’s Gull (non-breeding) at Mountain Lake Park. Very cool to watch it successfully hunt and subsequently chow down on stickleback and crayfish before it disappeared...presumably it flew into the wild blue yonder.

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